With high fuel prices, everyone is looking for ways to save money at the pump.  The tires on your car have an impact on your fuel economy.  One easy way to reduce your rolling resistance is to always maintain proper air pressure in your tires.  An underinflated tire takes more energy to roll - costing you money.

AF Tire Shop provides FREE mounting, balancing, valve stem replacement and more!  All included in the price with NO hidden fees with purchases of any new or used tires.

We provide USED single tires or a set of 2 with the same brand or a set of 4 with the same brand.

We guarantee the best prices, services, and warranties on ALL new and used tires.

We have a large inventory of new and used tires in stock and on sale!


New Tires

Our new tires provide anywhere from 40k to 80k treadwear.

We carry all sizes and brands from 13" to 24" such as Goodyear, Michelin, Firestone and many more brands.

To find the best tire for your car, SUV or truck please contact us.



  • Patches
  • Plugs
  • Minor mechanical work such as breaks and inner/outer tie rods.

Used Tires

Used tires starting at $25 and up.


  • FREE break inspection
  • FREE tire inspection
  • FREE air
  • FREE valve stem replacement (w/purchase of new tires)